Clouds of War

February 3, 2009

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it can not be “ended”. A peace is possible, but ‘peace’ is not equal to ‘ending the conflict’. There is no peaceful situation hiding underneath the war and the war is not on top of anything. “Removing” the bad part will not leave us with a healthy body.

The real thing is a super-complicate situation, which no one fully understands. This super complicate situation reached a stability that characterized, among the rest, by some level of violence. The violence is only a side-effect of deeper forces.

Focusing on the “ending the conflict” part, and ignoring the whole system, will just re-shuffle the ingredients of this explosive.

It is not about ending the conflict, it’s about changing the situation. There is a big difference.


As the following drawind demonstrates: