A Life Story

October 28, 2009

The family died and only one child survived. The child was a prodigy. He learned to talk very quickly and became a very independent child. He wasn’t an easy child, but he was very stable considering his family circumstances. He learned to read and write and was the first in his class. He also became very popular despite his oddities. Everybody was sure that the child will grow to be a leading scientist, or a novelist, or at least will make a lot of money. The child believed them and became ambitious.

The child grew up to be a man and it looked like he is on the right track. He started an academic career, found a lovely girlfriend which became his wife later on, and took part in the public life. People respected him and appreciated his opinions.

In some stage the child got a proposal to get a senior position in the private sector. It immediately doubled his salary, and a promotion was promised really fast. He has been warned that this job was not interesting or important as his academic work, and he would not have much time to write or participate in public discussions. He has been warned that the private sector is a jungle and he won’t be able to handle it. But he thought that it won’t be a problem to a tough orphan like him. He had enough life experience to know that the money and the power are the only things that finally counts. His academic achievements and his esteemed reputation were just a childish entertainment. So the child took the job and upgraded his life.

The child played in the professional league now. He moved to a bigger house and got a new car. He did pretty well in his new job. Some colleagues tried to undermine his position, but they were only bitter too old people who were jealous on his success. He knew how to deal with them and stay safe. He was stable financially so the wife couldn’t complain.

The years passed and the child got used to his position. He became pretty good in the office-politics involved, and knew that he is in a stage that he don’t need to worry whether people like him or not. He knew how to make everything work for his own favor, so he will keep making good money without working too much. He didn’t play with ideals anymore, but he definitely knew how to use his former reputation as a public figure.

This whole thing has its price of course. The child went back home exhausted every evening, watched the news (and a soap-opera that was just after the news), drunk his one or two beers and went to sleep. He had no desire to do more than that. He had to maneuver all the time between the moans of his wife and the requirements of his bosses which were completely unreasonable. A child in his position does not deserve such a treatment.

Today the child is in his early 40’s (in the last 5 years or so). The house is still standing but it is not very clean and some maintenance should be done. The wife is depressed, he has no friends and nobody likes him at work. He doesn’t have much savings as he never get a promotion and the wife sucks all the money. The child is just trying to carry on from one day to the other.

There is some chance that the child will lose his wife and his job (and keep his drinking problem), but it is more likely that he will just decline slowly until some medical complication will take him down.