Most people have never read the Quran. It is not an easy project and most people will probably never read it. So, most people making their opinions about the Quran simply by adopting a position of some authority who “knows the Quran”.

The problem is that authorities (people) who claim to “know the Quran” have extremely different perceptions of this book.

On one hand, there are the pro-Quran authorities who claim that the Quran is a book of love and peace which preach to tolerance and solidarity.

On the other hand, there are the anti-Quran authorities (which I tend to accept) who claim that the Quran is a fanatic militant paranoid book, and the direct cause to the fact that the Muslim world takes the lead in areas like women slavery and religious wars.

Simple test

I suggest a simple test: decide how much time you have at the moment. Open the Quran (English translation here) in a random place, and start reading. 5 minutes will be more than enough to understand where the wind blows.

A moderating comment

Luckily the Muslim world is not as horrible as the Quran orders it to be. Muslim people are people like any other people; so the vast majority of them find workarounds that make them able to think that they are living by this monstrous book, without losing their humanity.