Is it a pro-Israeli or anti-Israeli blog?


The Goal of this Blog

This blog pretends to grow to be a good start point for people who wish to know what ‘Israel’ is. There may not be anything new in this blog, but mainly a general coverage of the big picture.

For the last several decades Israel is involved in many events that caught the world public attention. I will try to expose the internal Israeli mechanisms and power structures that were – and still are in many cases – in the base of the Israeli conducting in these events.

My key principle is to present Israel as a real place which is populated by real people. I will try to be objective, but not necessarily balanced.

My Political Views

I think that a healthy society should aspire to provide to each individual something to eat, a home, healthcare, education, freedom to chose his/her faiths and opinions, and any other privilege that ensure the individual a personal autonomy and physical safety.

Political and cultural bodies are needed, but only as a support for the individuals. These bodies does not “deserve” for their own any of the privileges I mentioned above. For example: a teenaged girl has no right to being sold by her family as a mistress to a total stranger just because “this is her culture”.

Some degree of market economy is necessary, but the individuals should be motivated by the drive to improve their lives; and not by the fear of being kicked out to the street or the fear from narrowing their children future possibilities.

For more details, please see the Euston Manifesto which express something pretty close to my opinions and do it in a lot better way then I do.

Something somewhat similar to the deeper motivations behind my political views, expressed a lot better by the writing of (the currently dead) Kurt Vonnegut. A person who understood more or less how the world works, and had a good sense of what it means.

The Correct Practices

I think that most of the existing social systems, even the “bad” ones, are a lot better then many of their alternatives. In most cases, it is a lot easier to make things worse then make them better. Hence, the way to make change should be, in my opinion, as conservative as possible. Malfunctioning systems should be healed in gradual steps when possible, and not be shaken or replaced.

Ideologies deserve their place and importance as obstructions, for case someone too strong decides to do something too extreme. But the main motivator for people in their everyday lives should be more modest and grey small-maintenance work. The dynamic in the contemporary West Europe is a good demonstration of such system: if some politician is doing something too wrong then he have to quit. But it does not happen too often, and most of the time the people are busy in fixing the system as “it is too stagnant and corrupted” without getting any results. This mechanism successfully prevents them from killing each other for more then sixty years.

My Authority

A last point I want to rise, despite the resistance of my ego, is that the opinions I’m expressing in this blog are only the best I could think of at the moment. It is very likely that I will change my mind about some of the things in some stage, and it is even more likely that I didn’t take into account many fundamental aspects of the discussed subjects.

Other opinions, comments, and illuminations are welcome!




3 Responses to “About”

  1. Erin Teeling Says:


    I saw the great work you’re doing on your blog and thought you might be interested in participating in a live web chat today with the Brookings Institution and Politico. We will have Brookings expert Tamara Cofman Wittes on hand to answer questions on how Obama’s new signals to the Middle East are being received and the challenges that await the new president in the region. Politico senior editor Fred Barbash will moderate.

    The chat starts at 12:30 PM EST and will run about an hour. You can find it on our website here:

    Hope to see you there!

    • Eliezer Says:

      I am completely apleplad by this story. As an SDSU alum I find this act to be nothing more than gruesome and gratuitous. I am also greatly disgusted, saddened and discouraged by the comments made by Barry Davis. Nothing about this very funny , and a person breaking both state and federal animal cruelty laws does not deserve congratulations. As a Brookings resident I truly hope that the Brookings Police Department investigates this matter further, finds those responsible for such heinous acts, and punishes them for this terrible act.I am all for a fun, lighthearted rivalry (Go Jacks! Beat the Coyotes!), but to kill and display the carcass of an innocent animal is crossing the line into a very dangerous and undesirable territory.

  2. Johnf869 Says:

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