Semitic Anti-Semitism

February 3, 2009

“Arabs are Semitic so you can’t say I’m Anti-Semitic”

I had serious doubts if this argument deserves its own post, but as it is so commonly used*, it seems like I have no choice.

Anti-Semitism is a term that was formed to describe a racist hate against Jewish people and is still used for this aim. Arabs were not part of the equation when the term was formed; and those of them who joined the party at a later stage, joined to the side of the haters and not to the Jewish side. The term was already there, and its original exact literal meaning was already irrelevant.

Saying that a “Semitic origin person can not be Anti-Semitic” makes no more sense then saying that a woman can not get married with someone that does not own a house, or saying that it is not even possible to think about anything without summoning a council. 

The existence of narcissist misanthropes demonstrates the senselessness of this argument from another direction, but it’s really not worth the effort to explain why.

* “Arabs are Semitic” gives about 2000 results on Google. I randomly checked 20 of them, and they were all referred to anti-Semitism in its original meaning.


One Response to “Semitic Anti-Semitism”

  1. Kawa Says:

    The inalienable rhitgs of Jews to the Biblical heartland must not be violated! No one is demanding Muslims surrender THEIR top religious areas of Mecca and Medina! Muslims Already Have an Arab Palestinian State! In 1922, Britain illegally gave 80% of Jewish Palestine to Muslims. The area became Jordan, giving Muslims an Arab Palestinian State on Jewish land. Before 1948, Jews were known as the Palestinians. The Jewish newspaper, the Jerusalem Post was called the Palestine Post. The Jewish-founded electric company was Palestine Electric. The Palestinian Symphony Orchestra was all Jewish. During World War II, the British army had a Palestinian Brigade made up entirely of Jewish volunteers.

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